Sustainable Jewelry + GIVE AWAY :)


Working in the natural food industry has forever changed me. I recycle. Today I was excited about adding scraps to my compost pail. I even try to avoid processed foods. The girl that once ate anything now reads labels. *insert shocked face here*

All of that is relevant because now that I care about what I’m putting into my body, I’m also concerned about what I’m putting on it. I’m talking clothes, jewelry and accessories. For awhile I’ve been interested in sustainable fashion but the price tag and mystery of it all usually scares me away.

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Issa Anniversary! + Give away

A year ago, I reluctantly purchased a domain, picked up my camera and started blogging. I’m off by a couple of days, but my blog is finally one!  At the time, I didn’t really know what I was doing. I must’ve googled “things to do before launching a blog” a million times!

This past year has been full of lessons and I’ve changed quite a lot internally. This space has played a role in that change. Something that started as a little hobby because I wanted to share some bits of my life, has actually become something very important to me. In fact, I feel that my blog has helped me shape my personality or rather I have been given a space to express myself.

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