30 Things Before 30: A list


With work, relationships and everything in between, it can get easy to lose ourselves to obligations and fall into a routine. Remember that thing you said you were going to try? You were suppose to make time for it next week? But next week turns into next month. And eventually starting this new hobby or going on this new trip becomes a “someday” thing.

Life is always happening and there isn’t always a “perfect timing” to check things off your bucketlist. Often time, you just have to go outside your comfort zone and do the thing! So below I’ve put together a couple of things I want to do before my 30th birthday.

  1. Go to a music festival (hey essence fest!!)
  2. Go to a NFL football game.
  3. Become a better cook.
  4. Take a solo trip somewhere I’ve never been.
  5. Go camping.
  6. Publish my chapbook.
  7. Host a dinner party.
  8. Be more spontaneous.
  9. Learn how to drive stick.
  10. Plan a surprise party (for someone else!)
  11. Go on a girls trip.
  12. Go fishing.
  13. Make a difference in someones life.
  14. Get on a yacht.
  15. Go to an NBA basketball game.
  16. Fall in love.
  17. Go on a cruise.
  18. Watch the sunrise on the beach(w/someone special).
  19. Go parasailing
  20. Start and keep a gratitude journal.
  21. Go hiking in a state park.
  22. Gift someone with a flower arrangement(that I put together myself)
  23. Master a new language.
  24. Spend the day at a resort spa.
  25. Get better at applying makeup.
  26. Go wine tasting.
  27. Take a pole dancing class.
  28. Learn how to change a tire
  29. Try rocking a short cut.
  30. Be comfortable being vulnerable.

Life is way too long for you to do things you’d rather say no to. What are some things on your bucket list that you want to check off?? Comment below!

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