Motivation is Half the Battle

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“How do you stay motivated to work out so much?”

This was something that was asked to me recently via Instagram. I get asked this question often and in various ways; almost as if people think there is a store that sells motivation and I’m the plug.

Here’s the thing though. When it comes to working out, motivation is half the battle. I say this because if you don’t have a goal or a “why”, it’ll be hard to keep up that desire to work out. To be 100% real, I think we often use our lack of motivation as to why we don’t follow through with our fitness goals.

“I’m just not motivated.

No, I think you just don’t have a clear understanding for why you want to. You think people (aka me) who work out regularly always want to go to the gym? Cause the gag is most days, I lack motivation and have zero desire to be in the gym. I often pull up to the gym, sit in my car and pout for at least 10 mins before going in. I’d rather be laying in bed eating cheesecake (or cookies, or ice cream) or out with my girls getting drinks.

So what keeps me motivated to work out?

For some people, wanting to be “summer time fine” is reason enough. Although thats high on the list, working out, in my case, is bigger than that. I workout as an act of self love. Once I started devoting time to taking care of myself, I began eating better, meditating and practicing mindfulness. Yeah eating desserts in bed is delightful, but that pleasure only lasts as long as it takes to get to the last bite. That workout high is a game changer though. So while I pout and drag myself to the locker room, I know I’ll be grateful for the after effects.

The hardest part about staying on track with your fitness regime is finding the motivation and your own “why.” If you’re struggling with maintaining consistency, maybe it’s time to dig deep and answer one simple question thats going to change everything about your training and the results you get:

WHY do you want to train?

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  1. I can totally relate to this, although my gym membership has brought me ore financial loss bc of how infrequently I use it, when I do manage to push myself to step inside of the gym, it’s because of how I feel on the inside and the good it does to my mind and body. The whole summer body trend never gets me far lol. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you. Though I am fairly motivated, I fall off the wagon and get back on just like everyone else. I will keep this in mind when I have those late night cravings!

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