On My Radar: WCW Edition

This week is all about creating content, living my truth and supporting my ladies that do the same. Yesterday afternoon I sat in on a webinar hosted by Black Bloggers United and man, I have some work to do. I took notes and immediately after the webinar ended, I started looking at ways to collaborate and create a supportive community. In honor of that, here are some women on my radar who I believe are really shaking things up!

BackTalk Podcast 

If you’re into black girl magic and delightfully ratchet feminist banter like I am, then you’ll probably enjoy BackTalk. BackTalk touches on issues within the POC community from the view of two bold women, Julia and Kayla. I actually went to college with Julia and it’s so exciting to see people grow and create projects they’re proud of. Although they’re only one episode in, I’m already hooked. Check em out.

Exploring Self

Exploring Self is one of the blogs that I check religiously. Besides the fact that Isabelle is a good friend of mine, she’s also a great writer. Her story telling style coupled with her dedication towards healing, growth and self care is inspiring. Something about about the way she allows herself to be vulnerable reminds me that it’s ok to find comfort in doing the same.

Sy Made It

Based out of Florissant, MO, Sy Made It is a one woman show really gaining strides in the area. With over 30,000+ likes on restaurant her page, the numbers don’t lie. Every week Samone creates a unique dish for the ones lucky enough to grab a plate. I say lucky because she sells out pretty much every week! If you’re in the North County area, check her out. (and if you’re not in the area, it’s worth the drive.)

sy made it

Who are some women that you’re currently crushing on? Lem me know in the comments below! I’m always down for new people to fan girl over. 

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