The Girl In The Teal Dress

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I’m gonna be pretty frank. I’ve never been graceful. I’m quite the awkward mess actually. Sometimes I jokingly say I have the type of beauty that moves because I feel like pictures don’t capture me well. What do I do with my body? How do I pose? *strikes a pose and feels uncomfortable* How do I look?

Knowing all this, I still attempted to have my photo taken by a friend of mine; partly for shits and giggles, but mostly so I can push myself out of my comfort zone. We headed over to the jewel box to snap some photos. It’s the warmest place in the middle of winter and also plant friends!

ivyarum blog

I thought about making this a “How To Be Photogenic Post,” but let’s be real. There were a lot of duds. A lot of blinking and a little double chin here and there. I don’t know my good side or what to do with my hands. (At one point my friend said, “weren’t you a model??” But the gag is, runway modeling is a lot different from print.) I’m not even sure what to do with my face, but the most important thing is I had fun. I felt beautiful. There were people all around and I didn’t die of embarrassment or shyness. Hooray for January break throughs!

 On another note, Happy February! January was all about breakthroughs and I’m excited to see what February will teach me. I hope everyone has a productive and fulfilling month. Let’s keep that positive energy alive. My blog is turning one and I have a few things lined up, so keep your eyes this space!


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