Flowers and Weeds

flowers and weeds
This afternoon, my friend Chelsea and I went to Cherokee Street to check out Flowers and Weeds. I own more plants than I need to, thirty one to be exact, but that doesn’t stop me from exploring new plant shops. This place is like a hidden gem. From the outside, the building looks like a dingy structure plopped on the corner of a busy street. But walk around to the front and the glass door gives you a peep at the botanical greatness inside.

flowers and weeds

Flowers and Weeds is more than just your average plant nursery. I mean yeah, they have the basics. Their green house is full of all types of cacti and tropical plants. But they also had little quirky touches that made the place feel special. A shy cat, gemstones and cute trinkets that seemed random made the place aesthetically pleasing. I literally had a problem focusing on just one thing because everything that caught my eye intrigued me.

flowers and weeds

To the rear of the studio, they have a make your own terrarium bar. Various sized glass globes lined the floor waiting to be filled with moss, shells and taken home to be loved. If I wasn’t terrible at keeping succulents alive, I’d jump at this offer. They also had completed terrariums around the store on display but also available for purchase. (But where’s the fun in that?)

flowers and weeds
so cute
flowers and weeds
A hesitant cat that didn’t want to be my friend 🙁

I hate that it’s winter and I can’t see all that this shop has to offer. Out back they have a outdoor flower garden where they pick flowers and make fresh bouquets on location. Right now it looked sad and barren, like most of St. Louis during the winter, but I can’t wait to see what spring has in store.


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  1. I LOVE those pots. I’m a lover of plants as well, particularly succulents and peace lilies. Trust me, if I had a place to put 30 plants, I would, but right now my house is a remodel zone and it’s best to make sure nothing else is in the way. LOL! But when everything is done, it’s fair game! LOL!

    1. Aren’t they cute!! I was tempted to buy one but if I did, I’d have to buy a plant for it and we all know I don’t need anymore lol. If you ever need help decorating your place with plants after the remodel, I’m your girl lol Thanks for reading!

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