Three Good Things About 2016 and 2017 Wishes

ivyarum 2016

Let me preface this by saying sometimes I have a tendency of focusing on the bad and not uplifting the good. When I reread my last post, which was sort of a good riddance to 2016, I felt like it was so negative. Yes, 2016 was complete trash and I’m glad to see it go but some good things happened too!

 I Took Control Of My Health

I’ve always been fairly slim (minus that first year in college where I lived across the street from the cafe) but I was what some people call “skinny fat.” I would lose my breath walking up the stairs at the office. Certain parts of my body jiggled way more than it used to.(and I’m not talking about the derriere.) I just wasn’t 100% satisfied with where I was at.

One night I joined a gym on a whim and that was the catalyst needed to spark the change. Cheap is my middle name and I knew that if I was paying for a service, I’d take full advantage of it. I held myself accountable; made sure there were no excuses on why I couldn’t go to the gym three days a week. I’m working too early to hit the gym? Pack a change of clothes for after work. Working late at night? Get up early, have a nice breakfast and put in that work! Also as I saw my body tone up, I became more careful of what I was putting in it.

Ivyarum 2016

I Learned How To Say No

I am a people pleaser. People pleasers have a tendency of going out of their way and sometimes even inconveniencing themselves to help others. Everybody else comes first. For as long as I could remember, I’ve been this way. I would want to tell people, “No, sorry I can’t do this thing to help you this time” but I would worry about how they viewed me. Would they still care about me? Will they think I’m selfish? Will they talk trash to our mutual friends? All these thoughts forced me into situations I would rather not of be in. It took me getting pushed to my breaking point to say no and you know what? None of those things I was worried about happened. Hell didn’t freeze over, my friends didn’t drop me and most importantly, I wasn’t inconvenienced.

I Learned How To Communicate My Feelings

Cry baby of the year award will always go to me, but this year, I learned how to properly explain why certain things triggered me the way they do. I’m a sensitive puppy. I often used to expect others to just KNOW how things would make me feel or just read my body language and KNOW that I am hurting. Now I use my words, even when I’m terrified of coming off too sensitive or “too needy”. I use examples. Now I try my hardest to make the person I’m talking to understand me. This is what communicating is suppose to be like.

I’m proud of myself for all the growth and only have great things in ahead for 2017.

I hope to:

  • Take control of my happiness
  • Let go of the past
  • Have less insecurities and more trust
  • Have less arguments and more love

Is there something you’re most proud of in 2016? And what are your goals for 2017? I’d love to hear!


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