Let’s Talk: Body Image

It’s been a little quiet around here lately and for that I do apologize. I’m simply having a bit of time management issues juggling self care, my big girl job and running a blog. As soon as I begin to think “yes! I finally got this adulting thing down,” the universe hits me with a curve ball and throws my whole agenda off. I’m still here though.

The other night I was on tumblr and I saw a post that made me really start thinking. I can’t remember the exact wording of it, but it addressed body image. It went something like, “Imagine being born into a body and just liking that body; feeling at home inside of it. Feeling like it’s yours. People like that exist. What is that like?”

body image

Our culture places a great deal of attention on appearance. Often times convincing women that our outer aesthetic is the most important part of us. And for awhile I believed that. I’d see curvy women and the way men were crazy about them and I’d think thats the way women are suppose to look; not like this. Not like me. I’ve always been fairly slim but I can’t say that I’ve always felt beautiful in this body. I can’t say I’ve ever felt “at home” in it either. At least not until recently.

For the last two months, I’ve made a conscious effort to hit the gym at least three days a week. What began as a need to “get some shape” ended up turning into a new appreciation for what my body does in its present state. I feel a lot different about the way I view myself.

IMG_7716My body is this vessel that allows me to do amazing things like run a seven minute mile or do a 180lb leg press. It allows me to hike a three mile trail. I love my body not because it’s perfect but because it allows me to live peacefully in it. I’m no longer hard on myself for indulging in cravings or worrying about weight goals.

I will never be thick and curvy and I’m ok with that. That’s not my body type. The body that I have is perfect for me because it’s mine. To want someone else’s would only be a disservice. You’re given one body, and you’re stuck in it, so striking the balance between loving what you’ve got and looking after it is essential.(*Dj khaled voice: major key alert*) 

The greatest project you’ll ever work on is you, both physically and emotionally. And with a world that is constantly shoving unattainable beauty standards on us, I think it’s important for everyone to take control of how they feel about themselves.

I am finally home.

body image


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  1. Thank you for this! I have been struggling with this lately and it’s not fun… I recently gained weight and have a feeling it was from my birth control, which I just got removed and put a hormone-less IUD in. I am excited to get back to the gym next week and keep working on myself!

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