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rubber tree house plants ivyarum

Most people who know me offline are very aware of my obsession with house plants. I mean, it’s bad ya’ll. I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things but ended up leaving with two new plant friends. (and without the very thing I stopped at the grocery store for.) However, I didn’t always have a “green thumb.” The first plant I ever had was a zebra cactus. I loved it with all my heart; maybe with too much heart. I sent that thing to it’s watery death. The point I’m trying to make is, you too can be a connoisseur of house plants. (Yes, even those who manage to kill every plant they touch.) You just have to find the type that works for you and your lifestyle. Here’s a quick guide to some easy house plants to start your journey towards greenery.

Golden Pothoshouse plants ivyarum golden pothos

Whenever a friend says they don’t think they can take care of a plant, I get them a golden pothos to prove them wrong. This vining house plant is the definition of undemanding. Basic care for a golden pothos is pretty simple because they thrive in various light conditions and can handle a bit of neglect. (although I learned the hard way that direct sun will burn their little leaves.) They aren’t too finicky about water either. When the top 2-3 inches of the soil dries out, it’s time to re-water. I water my pothos enough to get the soil a little wet once a week and she’s a happy camper. Bonus – Golden pothos are a great, natural air purifier and can help filter toxins from the air!

Arrowhead Plant

house plant ivyarum arrowhead plant

I went to the plant nursery looking for an elephant ear plant and went home with this instead because of it’s beautiful leaves. Arrowhead plants are a little more “advanced” but they’re still easy enough for a beginner to care for. They can thrive in high indirect light, but don’t need it and they do pretty well with my slight over-watering tendencies. Their handsome foliage varies from bright green, bronze, to variegated. This plant is toxic to animals though. You may want to pass on this one or keep it somewhere your four legged friend can’t get to.

Snake Plant

snake plant house plants ivyarum

Snake Plants are nearly indestructible; insanely easy to take care of and flourish even in bad lighting and poor maintenance. They’re also great for those who tend to forget to pay their plants attention; just water sparingly. By sparingly, I mean once every two or three weeks. These guys hold a lot of water inside its leaves, and if you give it too much water, the plant will rot.(also learned this the hard way.)  I scored this guy from the Ikea As-is section last year, sat him on my window sill and he’s been prospering ever since.

Do you have a favorite low maintenance houseplant? I’d love to hear your  suggestions!


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  1. These are so lovely, Samantha! I tend to kill nearly ever houseplant we’ve had, so now I stick with cacti and succulents…those have been resilient, thankfully! lol

  2. I just turned around at my desk to check my succulent. I heard that over watering it can kill it. I give it a little water maybe once a week. So far, so good. But I’ll be at Home Depot today seeking an indoor plant. The energy is necessary.

    1. Don’t think like that! You just gotta find the right plant for you. Next time I’m in Chicago I’m determined to meet up and get you a plant friend!

  3. Kid you not, I came to your blog because I’m moving in a few weeks and need a house plant or two for my first apartment and for some reason my brain associates your blog with plants. Then I saw this post. Go ‘head, Universe!

    So I want a plant that I can water every week so I can dedicate one day to feeling super nurturing giving my plants love. I’m loving the photo up top, though. What plant is that? I also want a snake plant because I grew up with snake plants.

    1. LOL! I’m glad you associate my blog with plants. I mean I’m lowkey a crazy plant lady. Fun fact: The word ivyarum is actually another name for golden pothos;a plant I’m obsessed with. Anyway, the plant at the top of the post is a rubber plant! All the plants I have are easy going. I water everyone once a week except the snake plant because she don’t really like all that attention

  4. LOL! I love houseplants as well. And I tend to leave grocery stores with plants too. I’m getting better at sticking to my lists though.

    My favorite house plants are succulents and peace lilies. I have a pothos in my bathroom and I’ve been thinking about adding more plants throughout the house, just not sure which ones. I love the snake plant. I’ve seen it before but I never knew what it was called.

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