Three Things I’m Loving Right Now

I often go through phases with things and hobbies. I’m obsessed with something one week and the next week I’ll be onto a new interest, only to come back to what I loved originally another week later. Some call it fickle. I call it exploring all my passions. At the end of the day, when I love something, you will never hear the end of it. Here’s three things that I’m loving and can’t stop talking about.

Matcha Tea

Loving Matcha

My family is Jamaican and we love our tea. Stomach hurts? Drink tea. Can’t sleep? Drink tea. Head cold? You guessed it! Drink some tea. (Basically, I’m no stranger to the hot, refreshing beverage.) I discovered matcha tea after a coworker made me try the green concoction. Matcha is essentially a special form of green tea. When traditional green tea is prepared, the leaves are infused in hot water and then discarded. With matcha, you’re actually drinking the leaves but in a powdered form. Because of that, it’s more potent. Matcha has a boatload of antioxidants and health benefits; more than most superfoods. But if I’m being honest, I just like the taste of it plus it has enough caffeine to give me a afternoon pick me up without the jittery effects coffee or energy drinks can leave you with.

Sephora Collection Retractable Eyebrow Pencil

loving sephora eyebrow pencil

I’m serious about my eyebrows. Before I moved here, I had an eyebrow lady who I saw on a weekly basis. She threaded my eyebrows to perfection! Since moving, I’ve struggled to find someone who is  just as meticulous and more importantly attentive to my eyebrow needs! (I mean, I have thinner, mismatched eyebrow horror stories to prove it. In any case, Sephora’s eyebrow pencil has saved the day too many times to count.

loving sephora eyebrow pencil

I love that the pigment of the pencil is the perfect shade and not too difficult to blend. I used to struggle with pencils either being too light and leaving my brows ashy looking or pencils being too dark and looking as if I used a permanent marker to fill my brows in. My only complaint is I wish it was bigger/ last longer. One pencil runs me around $12 and only last me about two months if used daily.

Mad Love Keava Footbed Sandals

loving mad love keava sandals

I’ve been sorting out my wardrobe and tossing anything that doesn’t make me feel like magic.( By magic, I mean beautiful, carefree but still comfortable) I’ve always admired the cute ugliness of Birkenstocks but could never justify spending that kind of money on a pair of sandals. Fortunately target has these cute knock offs for a little over $20 and I wore them for the majority of my trip to Jamaica. They’re fun, easy to dress up or down depending on the occasion and best of all they feel good on my feet.

So, what are you into lately? I’d love to hear.

cat loving
Cat is really into plants in case you were wondering

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  1. I’m the same way and I change my mind about “favorite things” quite frequently too. I’ve been wanting a pair of birkenstocks and I didn’t know Target had something similar. Maybe I’ll have to go there soon!

  2. I’ve been getting into to tea more and love your write up matcha tea! I am scaling back on drinking coffee. I also love healthy food, photography, and spending some quality time with my family. Thanks for the helpful information!

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