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This week has been one of the hardest ones I’ve had in awhile. Honestly though, nothing excruciatingly awful happened. I just felt overwhelmed with feelings and figuring out my next move. There’s all these goals I want to accomplish; all these things I want to be. I’m not always sure if every decision I make is beneficial to my end goal and it doesn’t help that I am the queen of overthinking. Sometimes I wish I had someone in my corner cheering me on and reassuring me during the moments I’m full of doubt. Sometimes I wish I had someone who’d say, “Hey you’ve been working really hard lately. Here’s some flowers. Here’s a plant. I know you’re trying your best. I appreciate you.” I’m slowly learning to be that person to myself.

I think in the end, things pan out the way they’re suppose to or at least thats what I keep telling myself. This evening after work, I bought myself some flowers and told myself that every “set back” is an opportunity for growth and I am growing into the woman I am destined to be.

This week I’m challenging myself to use positive affirmations whenever I feel frazzled. Have you ever used positive affirmations to adjust your mindset? I’d love to hear your favorites! xo

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  1. Love this. It’s hard to feel validated by your own voice. Or I should say it’s hard for me. But I’m working on it. And love those flowers. Yellow tulips are my favorite.

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