Is Dating Dead?

dating ivyarum

I was on the phone with one of my girlfriends when the topic of dating came up. While we were airing our grievances, it hit me. I’m not sure if it’s because of the overload of options thanks to dating apps like tinder; or if everyone is just a commitment phobe, but I’m pretty sure dating culture is dead. Or REAL different than I remembered it.

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30 Things Before 30: A list


With work, relationships and everything in between, it can get easy to lose ourselves to obligations and fall into a routine. Remember that thing you said you were going to try? You were suppose to make time for it next week? But next week turns into next month. And eventually starting this new hobby or going on this new trip becomes a “someday” thing.

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Turned All My L’s Into Lessons: An Update


After a much needed break, I’m back and I’m better! It’s only the second week of April and its already been a whirlwind. My car was broken into and so many important things were stolen from me.(also who steals dirty clothes???) I had to deactivate all my cards, hit the dmv for a new license, get my windows fixed and make an appointment to get them tinted.

I know they say to never keep things in plain sight in your vehicle so save that conversation for someone else. What about when you lock things in your trunk + glove compartment but they break into your car and get into those places too? You get got! And boy, they got me.

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A Look At My Reading List

ivyarum reading

I used to be a big reader; a new book every other week kind of reader. Then life happened and I strayed away. I mean, after working a 11 hour shift or a heavy lifting session, reading wasn’t the highest of priorities. But recently, I decided this year will be the year I make time to do the things I enjoy.

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Graze Snack Box Review


Anyone who’s close to me knows I have quite the appetite. I keep snacks by the bed in case I get the late night munchies. I stash snacks in my apron at work.(One time¬†I literally pulled a banana out my apron during a team meeting that was running too long) So knowing my history, you can kind of see why the random Graze ad on my Facebook feed piqued my interest.

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Flexing In My Complexion: Updated Skin Care Routine

ivyarum skin care

There are some people who have perfect, clear skin. I was never that person. Name a skin ailment and I might’ve suffered from it. At one point, I gave up on caring about clear skin. But all that changed when I subscribed to Sephora’s Play box. The exposure to so many different brands piqued my interest and it wasn’t long until I was back on the path towards the perfect skin care routine.

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Floating at Buoyant Float Spa

buoyant floating spa

When some team members from Buoyant¬†came to Whole Foods and introduced* me to float therapy a couple months ago, I was all ears. I’ll try anything once. Besides, It’s my last week in the Midwest! And what better way to treat myself other than floating in a sensory deprivation tank?

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Three Ways to Practice Self Care in Trump’s America

self care ivyarum

Charlottesville happened and I tried so hard to avoid being reminded of it. Trauma is a constant reality we have to face in the black community. Sometimes I don’t want to think about the people who hate me simply for existing, you know? I didn’t open instagram that morning. After the news broke, I logged out of twitter for the day. Then I get to work and was called the “n-word” by some coward of a customer.

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